Soundtrack to the South African Bush LIfe

From now on, I’m going to try and have a corresponding song that I think goes with every new post.   Please feel free to add your own comments and thoughts on musical material you think would match the story.  I’d love to hear what other people associate with these stories!

Today, it is sunny, chilly, and after receiving news of the passing of Adam Yauch (one of the extraordinary Beastie Boys), I’m feeling nostalgia wash over my piping hot coffee.  As I watch the nyalas chew the lawn, I’m sending a shout-out to one of my favorite musical groups of all time.  Today I’m feeling inspired by a little ‘Paul Revere.’  There is always an appropriate moment for the Beastie Boys, even in the middle of the African bush (and especially on days when your car gets head-butted by a rhino – see close-up below).

Each day, take a moment and remember how amazing life is, how lucky we are to have the people who love us, who inspire us, who make us smile, who make us think, who challenge us, who support us, and who ask nothing more than that we return the favor.



All rights reserved. ©2011 Jennifer Vitanzo

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One thought on “Soundtrack to the South African Bush LIfe

  1. thanks for the update, dear one. i am not familiar with the song Paul Revere, i will check it out. but i feel you…
    i look forward to more news from you, whenever you can share it. 🙂 hugs,

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