Conservation Conversation

This page is solely for links to help keep you in the know. The included links are for several organizations, companies, and experts on the forefront of conservation on our li’l floating green and blue ball. Please feel free to comment with suggestions for more sites to add.

If you’re interested in being in the know and in how you can get involved, take a look. See how you can contribute a little of yourself to ensure that we still have a beautiful, livable world for all species and generations to come.

I know we’re bombarded daily with information, and I’m not here to preach or tell you how you should use your time. However, regardless of our personal interests, we all share a common need: a world where we can maintain a sustainable living situation. Right now we are creating the opposite – a world that will inevitably be too inhospitable and lacking in resources for humans (or anything else aside from cockroaches) to survive on. While I love me some new technology, technology is obsolete without anyone to use it. We are charging forward often with little regard towards fixing the initial foundational cracks. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that in such circumstances, eventually everything will crumble.

A healthy world means a viable world for us to survive. We need to start focusing on what we can do to keep the world livable, not just for the survival of so many species on the brink, but for our own survival as well. They go, and eventually so do we.

That said…

Conservation Action Trust

Worldwatch Institute’s tips on how to live green

Conservation International

African Conservation Foundation

Wildlife Conservation Society

WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa)

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (incidentally, if you want a laugh about exploits with animals, pick up a Gerald Durrell book about his experiences with wildlife)

Jane Goodall Institute

African Wildlife Foundation

Environmental News Network

World Wildlife Fund

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