Meet My South African Neighbors

Cheetah right of way

Even animals have to adhere to the rules of the road

This is a gallery of some of the creatures living in my neighborhood.  It isn’t uncommon for lions, elephants, hyena and leopard to walk through camp, especially at night. The antelope, particularly an nyala family, are here on a daily basis, as are myriad birds. I’m sure the snakes are as well, though I don’t see them very often. Camouflage is a remarkable thing!

Sadly, we don’t see the rhino often at all, even elsewhere on the reserve, which is always worrying when you know how bad the poaching problem has become. For more information on issues like poaching and conservation, I recommend checking out some of the links I’ve posted.

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2 thoughts on “Meet My South African Neighbors

  1. your photos are fantastic! thank you so much for sharing your experience and inspiration!

    • Thanks, Beth. Coming from someone like you, who is an amazing photographer, I am really honored. Thank YOU for taking the time to read all about my chaotic life. Miss you tons.

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